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SETDA Reimagined

Dear SETDA Friends and Family,

You may recall 2007 as the year that the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis broke and led to a recession of global proportions, that the seventh and final Harry Potter novel was released, that Barry Bonds broke the career home run record, or that a song written and performed by Tay Zonday called Chocolate Rain swept the internet. It was also the year that SETDA last updated its website. To everything, there is a season, and what worked well for the association seven long years ago had grown dated, inflexible, and expensive to maintain.

Today, after 18 long months of planning and work, we’re pleased to unveil to you a refreshed design for the SETDA website, marking another major step in the association’s ongoing efforts to align our work to a new strategic plan and leverage technology and social media in so doing. Big kudos to Lia Dossin, SETDA’s Manager of Online Community & Technology, for her leadership in getting us here and also to the good folks at Blue Marble Creative for their expertise and partnership in bringing our vision to reality.

I’m certain that longtime SETDA members, partners, friends and family will reflect with some nostalgia on where we have come and what we have accomplished together. I’m honored everyday by the opportunity to steward this remarkable association in the midst of these dynamic times, so full of opportunity and possibility.

So, take a look around the new website, check the engine, kick the tires, help us work the kinks out, and then move on in.

We have big plans for the future and the new SETDA website is going to help us to tell our story as we lead, inspire, and empower the education community to leverage technology for learning.


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