The Role of States in Supporting Data Modernization and Interoperability Throughout the Education Ecosystem

Data modernization and security practices allow educational leaders to provide accurate, secure, and timely data that can be securely exchanged, shared, and connected in order to provide instant understanding of school performance, student attendance, academic performance, or funding from multiple sources. This SETDA brief (July 2021) shares promising practices. from Wisconsin and North Dakota.

Project Unicorn SEA Call to Action

SEA Interoperability Call to Action

Data is a powerful tool to empower educators, researchers, parents, schools, and students. At the core of interoperability is a focus on optimally informed instruction and a student-centered learning experience unlocked by insights that educators can glean from securely connecting student data. Educational landscapes are changing, approaches to instruction are evolving, and infrastructure is adapting to meet technological and instructional demands to advance student success.

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