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LoiLo inc.

LoiLo inc. is Japanese company developing software and mobile applications, located in Yokohama, Japan. Specializing in high-speed image-processing, LoiLo looks to create a worldwide market for simple, fun interfaces to stimulate the creativity of the users. Our portfolio includes mainly video editing software, presentation and collaboration tools. These are Smooth, LoiLoScope, LoiLo Touch, LoiLo Education and LoiLoNote. LoiLoNote, an iPad app to be used as a multimedia presentation, collaboration and communication tool in a classroom setting, is our latest product. Intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces feature all of our products, what makes them perfectly fit for users of all ages, disregarding users` computer literacy. LoiLo inc. has been carrying out its business activities mainly in Japan, focusing primarily on the education market. Its products have been widely recognized and used by Japanese educators. Starting now, we would like to acquaintance students, teachers and technology specialists in the U.S. and Europe with our products.

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