Channel Partners

SETDA values the relationship it maintains with channel partners that are agencies composed of experts in the industry. Channel partners serve as intermediaries that connect companies/organizations that become event sponsors (short term engagement) or private sector partners (long term engagement) with SETDA. Through this partnership SETDA is connected to startups as well as established companies that may benefit from becoming formally engaged with SETDA. Channel partners earn referral credits entitling them to attendance at SETDA events while SETDA gains new partnerships with companies that have been vetted from the channel partners.


Become a Channel Partner

If you represent a communication firm, start-up incubator or accelerator, consulting firm, venture capitalist or related organization and are interested in facilitating mutually beneficial connections between one of your clients and SETDA, contact Melissa Greene, Director of Strategic Partnerships at 202-715-6636 ext. 703 or [email protected].

Current Channel Partners


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