Strategic Partnerships

In addition to Private Sector Partners (Platinum/Gold/Emerging), SETDA establishes and engages in strategic partnerships with external organizations in an effort to advance education through technology policy and practice. Strategic partnerships include Affiliates, Channel Partners and Alliance Partners that share SETDA’s mission and vision.

  • Channel Partners

    Channel partners serve as intermediaries that connect companies/organizations who become event sponsors (short term engagement) or private sector partners (long term engagement) with SETDA.

  • Alliance Partners

    Alliance Partners engage with SETDA in on-going, purposeful, substantive and mutually-beneficial collaboration that yield outcomes that advance one or more of SETDA’s core initiatives.

  • Affiliates

    Affiliates are statewide, regional (multi-state) or national, non-profit membership organizations that serve public K-12 education. Affiliate organizations’ members work for education agencies or state/local government. Affiliates support SETDA’s mission, values and work.

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For more information

For information on how your company or organization can engage with SETDA’s membership, please contact Missy Greene, Director of Strategic Partnerships, [email protected] or 202-715-6636 x703.

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