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  • Discover 30 fun and simple activities highlighting iPad built-in features and apps. Designed for teachers, these tips can help save time on many tasks teachers do daily. Use Safari to easily eliminate distractions from web pages, and quickly create a PDF of any web page to share with students. In Notes, explore how to quickly digitize a printed hand-out you already have, or create interactive handouts in Pages to engage your students. You’ll find a wealth of ideas to help you stay organized, manage tasks, gather instructional resources, and more.  Download the PDF at and follow #AppleTeacher


  • Join us Monday, September 21 at 2 pm ET for this engaging webinar in which Kate Baker, veteran educator and Senior Community Manager at Edmodo, will explore effective strategies and ready-made tools on Edmodo that can help you implement hybrid and distance learning, foster social-emotional learning, and support professional development from anywhere.  Register here.


  • In case you missed last Thursday’s webinar with Florida DOE and Broward County  sharing their stories about using the Edcredible platform for state standards review and instructional materials review, click here for the recording. Passcode: 0!c%x5ip

  • Take a look at the new Back-to-School edition of the American Consortium for Equity in Education’s Equity & Access Online Journal, published by our partners at Education Talk Radio.

  • Do you like maps about education, policy, social issues, and beyond? SETDA’s ArcGIS Online Organization has a collection of maps and apps that are usable without login. At the home screen, click “>” for groups 5-8, and explore the patterns and relationships. If you have questions or issues, contact [email protected].



  • Virtual Science Labs – In case you missed the August 27th SETDA Spotlight Webinar with Smart Science Education on bridging the gap between in-person and remote learning, here is the link to the recording.
  • Welcome to Year 2 Emerging Partner, Edmodo. With educational tools designed to engage learners at home and in the classroom, Edmodo connects all teachers, students, and parents in your learning community to help ensure learning outcomes for everyone. For more information go to connect with Sumant Yerramilly, GM Enterprise at [email protected].
  • From SETDA Gold Partner, ENA: School districts are facing a host of new obstacles this school year with the rapid shift to blended learning –
    how your district stays connected shouldn’t be one of them. Whether your back-to-school strategy is in-person or online, mobile communication platforms ensure administrators, staff, teachers, students, and parents can stay connected from anywhere. Prevent your district from experiencing these common communication pitfalls by implementing a reliable and mobile communications solution.


  • Welcome to new SETDA Gold Partner, Windstream. Connect with Jennifer Head, Government Programs at [email protected] to learn more. Windstream Enterprise’s Education Technology Solutions provide a full portfolio of network, communications and collaboration solutions that elevate learning in your K-12 school district. Follow on Twitter @Windstream.
  • School Stream text with a green treeWelcome to new SETDA Gold Partner, RT Response. The School Stream platform makes workflow and process automation easier for school districts by providing over 30 different applications that cover processes in business/finance, HR, Student Services, General Operations, and School site processes. To learn more, connect with Alex Huang, VP Marketing & Business Development at ale[email protected]and follow on Twitter @School_Stream.
  • Thanks to all of SETDA’s Annual Partners who make our work possible and amplify our voices to improve education and technology through policy, practice and innovative solutions.


  • SETDA Spotlight Webinar August 27 at 2:00 pm ET – SMART Science Education. Virtual science labs bridge the gap created in a post-COVID world where physical science labs are no longer possible. Join us to learn how an online science lab experience that mimics hands-on labs can be used to bridge this difficult transition to not having access to a science lab facility for students and teachers.  The presenter will draw from over 20 years of virtual science lab implementation experience to share best practices and strategies of how science labs online can be as good and even better than hands-on labs that may no longer be possible. Invite colleagues to join the Zoom webinar:


  • Apple’s completely redesigned Develop in Swift offering for high school and higher education brings together curriculum for students and free professional learning for educators. Build the foundational knowledge needed to teach Swift and Xcode directly from Apple experts with professional learning available on Canvas Learning Management Platform.
    And, for students in grades 4 to 8 Apple’s new Everyone Can Code Adventures guide follows Everyone Can Code Puzzles to give students even more choices and opportunities to build with Swift code.
    Learn more about Apple’s offerings for Teaching Code.


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