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Rick Gaisford from the Utah Department of Education
Honored as SETDA’s Leader of the Year

November 3, 2009 (Washington, DC) – During the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)’s meeting, Education Forum: Defining the Future of Learning Today, Rick Gaisford from the Utah Department of Education was presented with the SETDA Leader of the Year (SLY) Award.  SETDA leaders from all 50 states recognized Rick for his leadership in maximizing the impact of technology to improve teaching and learning.  Rick has played an important role in the national efforts around educational technology, previously serving as the Chair and Vice Chair of the SETDA Board.  Rick shared information with policy-makers on the value of technology for the improvement of education and presented at numerous conferences to help make educational technology programs more scalable.

Rick mentors Educational Technology Directors in other states and has contributed immensely to the growth of the SETDA organization by sharing best practices with others.  Rick always puts kids first and focuses on how to improve teaching and learning so that all students are prepared for the 21st Century learning environment.  In Utah, Rick works closely with LEA technology coordinators to help implement educational technology programs. Rick is also a leader in reaching across programs.

“As prior chair of SETDA’s Board of Directors, Rick is respected by his colleagues within Utah and across the nation,” said Wayne Hartschuh, Chair of the SETDA Board.  “Rick’s quiet leadership style fosters discussion and ownership of solutions.  SETDA is very proud to have Rick as such as active leader in our organization,” added Mary Ann Wolf, Ph.D., Executive Director of SETDA.  Kathleen Webb, an Education Technology Coordinator in Utah’s Department of Education, stated, “Rick is a dynamic and supportive leader who cares passionately about educational technology for students.”


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