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A I Media logo Access Innovation Media (Ai-Media), founded in 2003, is dedicated to ending the experience of social, education and vocational exclusion by creating economic access solutions for people with disabilities. Our internet captioning service, Ai-Live, is used at universities, colleges, schools, workplaces and conferences, providing real-time speech-to-text delivered remotely to any connected device. Transforming the professional and educational experience of deaf and hard-ofhearing people by providing immediate access to the spoken word, it is a flexible, scalable solution for learners with communications barriers including autism, deafness, learning difficulties, and for students for whom English is an additional language.

Company Contact: Sue Sanossian, Corporate Secretary | [email protected] | @accessinclusion


Alludo LogoEngage in self-paced, online, choice-driven professional development for teachers, staff training and student learning. Alludo offers K12 districts and organizations an alternative to traditional instruction with our gamified, online and blended learning platform. Imagine a FUN solution that engages learners with choice PD, allows districts to scale learning, requires evidence of application, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Company Contact: Julia Francis, Sales and Program Management | [email protected] | @alludoplay

ATT LogoLEADING THE FUTURE FOR STUDENTS, FOR EDUCATORS, AND IN TECHNOLOGY. We are investing in education and job training to create a skilled and diverse workforce that powers our company – and our country – for the future. Since 2012, our employees have spent 2.0 million hours mentoring more than 260,000 students. With a financial commitment of $400 million, our AT&T Aspire initiative drives student success in school and beyond. By bringing together solutions that help connect, protect, and inspire – committed AT&T professionals are serving schools and universities across the country.

Company Contact: Nancy Lehner, Lead Channel Manager – Education | [email protected] | @AT&T

Bookshare LogoBookshare is an online library that lets members read in ways that work for them. They can access over 500,000 titles, including textbooks and books for both classroom and pleasure reading, and listen to them read aloud, follow along with audio and highlighted text, or read in braille or large type. They can read on a wide variety of computers, tablets, smartphones, and assistive technologies. To join, members must have a disability, such as dyslexia or a visual impairment, which inhibits reading standard print. Membership is free for qualified U.S. students. Bookshare is an initiative of Benetech, a technology nonprofit.

Company Contact: Christine Jones | Senior Education Program Manager | [email protected]  | @Bookshare and @BeneTech


ClassLink-Logo_Horizontal_ClassLink-Cloud-Blue-HorizClassLink empowers your students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources. ClassLink® OneClick® includes a library of over 5,000 single sign-on apps and instant links to file folders at school and on Google, Office 365, and Dropbox cloud drives. ClassLink OneRoster™ easily and securely delivers class rosters to any publisher using open technology standards. ClassLink Analytics gives decision makers the usage data they need. Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, ClassLink is ideal for 1to1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.

Company Contact: Larry Cocco | Senior Advisor, State & Strategic Initiatives| [email protected] | @ClassLink

D2L logoWe’re Desire To Learn, or as our friends like to call us, D2L! Learning solutions for K-12 must be flexible enough to meet a variety of needs: simple to use for students from primary to secondary school, and easy for teachers to adopt. D2L’s Brightspace K-12 solutions were designed to help teachers provide the best learning experience to every child, whether completely online or in a blended classroom. With LMS features that let teachers customize content and monitor student performance, you can provide each student with a truly personalized education.

Company Contact: Brendan Desetti | Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations| [email protected] | @D2L

edscoop logoEdScoop features the latest daily news and conversations with top leaders driving technology and digital learning in K-12 and higher education. We bring together influential edtech policy and decision makers at the federal, state and local education levels with focused reporting on applications, broadband, digital learning, network infrastructure, privacy and security and related technologies for the classroom and on campus. Look for us at EdScoop.com, on Twitter @EdScoop_News and on Facebook. EdScoop is a division of Scoop News Group, publisher of FedScoop, StateScoop and producer of numerous public sector IT events.

Company Contact: Wyatt Kash | Vice President of Content Strategy| [email protected] | @EdScoop_News


edweb logoedWeb.net is a free professional learning and social network that makes it easy for educators to collaborate, share innovative ideas, and improve teaching and learning. We provide the online professional learning and support educators need to advance their practice, build better schools, and prepare students for life-long learning and success.


Company Contact: Lisa Schmucki | Founder and CEO | [email protected] | @edwebnet

Friday Institute LogoThe mission of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (FI) at North Carolina (NC) State University’s College of Education is to bring together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and community members to lead the transition from industrial-age schools to a personalized, flexible, technology-enhanced education system that will prepare students for success in further education, careers, and civic life in the global, digital-age world.  Our work focuses on systemic, evidence-based approaches that address significant issues in K-12 education and working directly with schools and districts to build their capacity through research, planning, professional learning, and continuous improvement.

Company Contact: Nancy Mangum, Associate Director of Digital Learning Programs | [email protected] | @FridayInstitute

LEGO Ed logoFor more than 35 years, LEGO® Education has been working with educators to deliver hands-on learning experiences that make learning fun and engaging. All LEGO Education solutions are based on the LEGO system for playful learning and paired with educator-created or reviewed curriculum and digital resources. Designed with feedback from educators, LEGO Education solutions enable students to succeed by encouraging them to become active and collaborative learners, build skills for future challenges, and establish a positive mindset toward learning.

Company Contact: Jenny Nash | Sr. Education Program Manager | [email protected]| @LEGO_Education

Lucid for Education logoLucid for Education is innovating new technologies to spark educational creativity. We are working with teachers and educators around the world to create a tectonic shift in the education landscape that prioritizes twenty-first century learning and creativity. We strongly believe that equipping students with collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication competencies are a key part of the society of tomorrow. To that end we are designing our platform with those working hard to educate these students in the forefront of our mind.

Company Contact: Kelsey Wilding | Marketing Manager | [email protected] | @Lucid4edu

Enterprise software is not a new idea in the world of business or sports, but in K-12 education, it has been difficult to break down the silos of ownership. MIDAS Education is the first Education Enterprise Management—or EEM—solution. MIDAS was built from the ground up on a single data model and provides ALL of the instructional functionality, data analytics, reporting, security, compliance, and ROI analysis normally found in 17 separate siloed systems. These systems include SIS, LMS, Web Hosting, RtI, Special Education, Health, Scheduling, Reporting, Compliance, and more.

To ensure security and scalability, MIDAS is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Consolidating data and reporting into one easily configurable system saves districts and state departments of education up to 70% of their annual software costs. LEAs and SEAs can start small with one or two modules and increase functionality as they grow their capacity and efficacy.

Company Contact: Pat Leonard | COO | [email protected] | @MIDAS_Education

Nearpod LogoNearpod is an education technology company empowering teachers to transform instruction in 3 out of 5 school districts across the U.S. We offer educators an award-winning lesson design and delivery software and a library of thousands of standards-aligned, ready-to-teach lessons.

Company Contact: Bianca Julio | Events Marketing Manager | [email protected] | @Nearpod

Pearson LogoAt Pearson, learning outcomes are at the heart of everything we do. A trusted partner to educators, states, and districts for over 60 years, we believe that learning betters lives, and are dedicated to the success of every learner, at every stage. We develop new and personalized ways of learning through effective, scalable assessments that measure 21st century skills and inform instruction throughout the school year. Our investments in industry-leading solutions and technology reflect our commitment to fewer, better tests that are accessible to everyone.


Company Contact: Gary Mainor, Senior Vice President, Business Development | [email protected] | @PearsonNorthAm

Remind logo Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed by allowing educators to reach students and parents where they are. With free and paid options that support engagement at every level in a school or district, Remind connects educators and families with resources that help them teach and learn.

Company Contact: Dan Trepanier, VP of Sales | [email protected] | @RemindHQ

Square Panda logo Square Panda works with your classroom tablets to add the important, kinesthetic/tactile element to graphics and sounds – because cognitive research shows that young children, especially struggling students, learn best in a multisensory environment. Learners practice letter sounds, onset rimes, and word building. Continuous assessments within the games track student performance with data collection in the enhanced Teacher Portal. Square Panda recently released SquareLand adaptive curriculum, an imaginative world of play and learning that uses adaptive mini games to engage students in early reading skills. Students play as Square Panda, exploring letter recognition, phonemic sounds, phonics, vocabulary and more advancing them. The more students play as Square Panda the more personalized the learning becomes advancing them according to their performance level.

Company Contact: Liz Ralston, VP of Education Sales | [email protected] | @squarepanda

SymbalooEDU SymbalooEDU is a resource management tool that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web into individualized instruction. With SymbalooEDU educators can save their teaching resources in the cloud and access them from any device.

Company Contact: Klaas Lameijer | CEO | [email protected] | @symbalooEDU

Texthelp logoHello, we’re Texthelp… We believe that literacy is every student’s passport to academic, social and professional success. It’s our genuine desire to help students understand, learn and express themselves. Our suite of smart, user-friendly, literacy, language, and STEM tools for personalized learning allow your students to pick and choose the functionality that supports their unique needs and preferences, enabling them to fully engage with the subject matter and excel in the classroom. Texthelp software continues to be used daily by millions of students and educators throughout schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

Company Contact: Paul Brown, VP Sales, West | [email protected] | @texthelp

USA Scheduler logoQuantum leap in Master Scheduling. Empower your districts with better planning and decision making. Produce master schedules with high student request accuracy – take your schools from 80% to 95+%. Save money, strengthen and improve performance for teachers and students. With scheduler insight, really know what’s going on with your schools. No student left behind. The scheduler is the backbone of every school. Better performing, optimized State Schools. Data base integration plus Ed-Fi. A good schedule is one of the most complicated issues facing schools today. Your Solution?…. USA Scheduler

Company Contact: Jake van Niekerk | Business Development Executive | [email protected] | @usascheduler

Voyager Sopris Voyager Sopris Learning® is committed to partnering with school districts to overcome obstacles that students, teachers, and school leaders face every day. Our suite of instructional and service solutions is not only research based, but also evidence based—proven to increase student achievement and educator effectiveness. Our solutions have been fully tested in the classroom, ensuring that they are easy to implement and teacher friendly. We provide assessments, technology, professional development and school-improvement services, literacy and math instructional tools—both comprehensive intervention and supplemental—and resources to build a positive school climate. For more information, visit www.voyagersopris.com.

Company Contact: Ileana Rowe | Senior VP of Marketing | [email protected] | @voyagersopris

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