Header SETDA's Emerging Technologies Leadership Forum 2018 June 22-25 in Chicago, IL

Birds of a Feather Sessions

These sessions provide state and affiliate leaders the opportunity to share highlights of state initiatives and to learn from each other.

Innovative Learning Opportunities
Presenters will share examples of highly effective digital learning implementation which may include state/school or district digital learning programs, examples of competency based learning examples, STEM programs.

  • Facilitator: Candice Dodson, eLearning Director, Indiana Department of Education
    • Alaska:
      • Sam Jordan, Education Technology Coordinator
    • Arkansas: The EAST Initiative
      •  Melanie Bradford Research & Technology
    • Guam: Guam’s Windows into the Classroom
      • Neil Rochelle, Project Lead: Enhancing Education through Technology
    • Illinois: Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities and state support for Innovation 
      • Melinda Fiscus  Digital Access Coordinator
    • Montana: Scaling Effective Innovation Statewide: EdReady in Montana
      • Jason Neiffer  Assistant Director/Curriculum Director, Montana Digital Academy
    • New Hampshire: Future Ready New Hampshire
      • Stan Freeda  State Educational Technology Director and Online Learning Specialist

Shifting to Digital Instructional Materials
Presenters will share examples of how they have addressed issues related to the shift to digital materials including access to quality content, the vetting of instructional materials and accessibility considerations.

  • Facilitator: Cynthia Curry, Director, AEM Center
    • Maryland: (Sometimes) Rocky OER Road Map
      • Val Emrich, Maryland Director of Instructional Technology
    • Minnesota: Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum
      • Marc Johnson, Minnesota Education Technology Networks, Executive Director
    • Nevada:Empowering Digital Instructional Materials Implementation in Nevada: Working Toward Clarity, Collaboration and Transparency
      • André DeLeón Education Programs Professional: K-12 Science and Instructional Materials
    • North Carolina: Quality Instructional Materials for Learning
      • Donna Murray, Digital Content, Coaching, & Communications Consultant
    • Oregon:Oregon’s STEM Hubs
      • Carla Wade, Digital Innovations Lead
    • Virginia: GoOpenVA
      • Bobby Keener  Chief Technology Innovations Officer

Effective Infrastructure for Learning
Presenters will share examples of how their state is working to provide seamless, high-speed broadband access for all students. Specific topics may include broadband infrastructure, wireless infrastructure, maximizing E-rate, supporting out of school access options and/or device access initiatives.

  • Facilitator: Geoff Belleau Consultant, California Department of Education
    • Alabama: State Leadership for E-rate
      • Jerome Browning. Education Adminstrator
    • Kentucky: Kentucky’ s Journey in Education Technology
      • Mike Leadingham,  Director
    • New Mexico:Broadband for Education in New Mexico
      • John Chadwick , Educational Technology Coordinator and E-Rate Coordinator
    • North Dakota: North Dakota Statewide Computer Network
      • John Gieser , Manager of Support and Technical Services
    • Oklahoma: Quality Infrastructure for Learning
      • Jeffery A. Herbel,Director of Information and Instructional Technology, Enid Public Schools, Oklahoma
    • Virginia: State Leadership for Access
      •  Susan Clair,  Learning Infrastructure Coordinator

Educator Effectiveness in the Digital Age
Presenters will share examples of state lead or state partnered professional learning opportunities. Presentations may include examples of statewide professional learning initiatives, state partnership to support digital learning, state grant programs that include professional development or examples of leveraging Title IIA or Title IVA funding to support digital learning implementation.

  • Facilitator: Elizabeth Colbert, North Carolina Virtual Public School
    • Florida:
      • John Summers Computer Science Standards Specialist
    • Maine: MLTI Teacher Leaders
      • Amanda Nguyen Digital Learning Specialist
    • Massachusetts: RLOs (Reusable Learning Objects) as a State Strategy for Professional E-Learning
      • Kenneth Klau  Director of Instructional Policy
    • Texas: TBD
      • Diana Benner, Director of Professional Development, TCEA
    • PAIUManaging Educator Artifacts and Evidence
      • Jared P. Mader, Director of Educational Technology, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12
      • Jeff Rothenberger, Program Administrator, Office of Professional Learning

State Leadership for Interoperability
In SETDA’s recent report: State Leadership for Interoperability: Leveraging Data for Academic Excellence, several states shared their state’s efforts around data interoperability. Come learn from states as they share a snapshot of how they are developing and implementing interoperability solutions.

  • Facilitator: Alyssa Moore, Education Associate, DCET/Digital Learning/Academic Support, Delaware Department of Education
    • Georgia: State Support for Interoperability
      •  Angela Baker, Georgia Technology Services Manager
    • Michigan: MiDataHub – Local Control with Best Practice Collaboration
      • Tom Johnson, Michigan Actionable Data Manager MiDataHub
    • Nebraska: Paths to Interoperability
      • Dean Folkers, Information Systems Officer
    • North Carolina: Leveraging State Purchasing RFPs to Support Interoperability
      • Verna Lalbeharie, Director ~ Digital Teaching & Learning
    • Utah: Leveraging State Purchasing RFPs to Support Interoperability
      • Sarah Young, Utah Coordinator for Digital Teaching and Learning

Student Data Privacy
Awareness of student data privacy and information security for digital learning has grown and improvements have been made over the last several years but the job is not done. Hear from states as they share their efforts related to state policies and practices to support the privacy of student data.

  • Facilitator: Julia Fallon, Office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington
    • California: California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA)
      • Andrea Bennett, Executive Director, CEPTA
    • Louisiana: State Privacy Support for School Districts
      • Kim Nesmith, Louisiana Data Governance and Privacy Director
    • Oklahoma: Is Student Data Privacy OK? 
      • Eric Hileman, Executive Director of IT Services, Oklahoma City Public Schools
    • Vermont: Student Data Privacy in VT
      • Peter Drescher, State Director of Education Technology


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