Views from the States Concurrent Sessions

The goal of these sessions is to provide state members and our Private Sector Partners the opportunity to have a free flowing dialogue, share examples and provide one another feedback. The format of the sessions is designed to be a combination of “open lab” meets “office hours” so there will not be any formal presentations however, SETDA will coordinate facilitators and a key state leader to help with the session’s flow.

Please prepare for this session by considering:

  • One example from your state (or a state you work in) related to this topic. This may be state level implementation and/or district or school implementation.
  • One question you have for other states and/or Private Sector Partners related to this topic.


  • Digital Instructional Materials
  • Blended Learning Trends
  • Educator Effectiveness
  • BYOT: Bring Your Own Topic*

*Similar to an unconference session participants in this session have the opportunity to discuss a topic of importance to their work.

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