Corporate Professional Development

Digital Instructional Materials 9:00 – 10:00 am

Facilitator: Lan Neugent, Interim Executive Director, SETDA
As predicted in SETDA’s groundbreaking resource, Out of Print: Reimagining the K-12 Textbook in the Digital Age, k-12 schools continue to expand their use of digital instructional materials for student learning. Attend this session to learn about how some states have enacted laws that support use of digital materials and funding to purchase this resources. SETDA has published several papers concerning open educational resources and highlights from those papers will be shared. Also, SETDA is in the process gathering information to determine the national status of policy changes and funding availability for digital learning resources. Discussion will focus on gathering input and reactions to this initiative.

Federal Policy Update 10:15 – 11:15 am

Facilitator: Lan Neugent, Interim Executive Director
This has been an very active year so far for educational technology issues within the Obama administration and Congress. The President included $200 million in technology funding within his budget, EETT in another format (i-TECH) is included in draft ESEA reauthorization, several bills have been introduced in the House and Senate to protect student data privacy. In addition, the e-rate program has been modernized and ED has been Future Ready Summits, that are being held in cities across the nation, are underway. Attend this session and learn about these federal initiatives and contribute to the discussion about their impact on student’s education.

So All Can Learn: UD and UDL 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Facilitator: Mindy Johnson, Instructional Designer, Social Media & Communications Strategist, CAST
Developers of educational technology products face significant challenges. The product has to address an important need while providing a user experience that is engaging, useful, supportive, challenging and fully accessible to all learners right from the start.

This session will address the critical intersection of product accessibility and learning: Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning. Please note that this session will provide more of a “what and why” orientation than “how” that may be accomplished technically.

Helping Clients support Digital Learning 2:15 – 3:15 pm

Facilitator: Christine Fox, SETDA Director of Educational Leadership & Research
As states, districts and schools work to shift to fully integrated digital learning environments, education leaders need to plan strategically to best prepare for quality digital educational experiences. Leaders from the private sector have the opportunity to help guide administrators in the planning process. This session will explore SETDA resources including the Guide to Implementing Digital Learning and the State Digital Learning Exemplars and how these tools can be leveraged to support PSP work in free resources to support school and district leaders as they work to ensure that investments in digital learning spark positive results.

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