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dyknow_200Since 2003, DyKnow has been developing and delivering the best classroom management and interactive learning software for educators. DyKnow products are used by thousands of teachers and students and featured in almost 200 1:1 computing programs. The DyKnow team speaks worldwide on 1:1 / BYOD trends and works with a great team of partners implementing best practices.

engrade_200Engrade unifies education. Engrade unifies people, tools, data, and curriculum in schools on one user-friendly platform. Beginning with an online gradebook to improve communication and student performance, Engrade has since developed a suite of analytical and collaboration tools for classrooms, schools, and districts.


instructure_200Canvas K-12, by Instructure, uses modern web technologies and education tools to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom. Canvas K-12 engages students, parents, and teachers in an exceptionally intuitive and rich academic experience. In the past year, over 25 school districts and over 130 post secondary institutions have adopted Canvas as their learning platform. Teachers may try Canvas K-12 for free at www.instructure.com.

kajeet_200Kajeet is a mobile broadband carrier providing devices, connectivity & management in a revolutionary business model. We support smart phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, modems & mobile hotspots. Our Sentinel™ platform ensures appropriate use and provides direct control over bandwidth allocation with no overage and no monthly data plans. http://kajeet.com/education

lightspeed_200To Lightspeed Systems, education isn’t an industry; it’s a passion. Lightspeed solutions make it safe, secure, and easy for schools to give users access to resources that make learning engaging, mobile, collaborative—and real. Today our solutions are used in more than 2,500 districts for more than 7 million students.

mobilebeacon_200Mobile Beacon is a nonprofit on a mission to help schools save on internet access, so they can spend more on education. We provide unlimited 4G mobile access for a flat rate of $10/month, making anytime, anywhere access an affordable option. Learn how our service can help districts with targeted needs like BYOD programs and Common Core broadband readiness. http:// www.mobilebeacon.org

neverware_200Neverware is radically changing the cost of IT support and network administration with the Juicebox. Never buy new computers again and manage your whole network from one desk. Perfect for any organization with multiple desktops or laptops to maintain, the Neverware Juicebox is an all-in-one solution that just works.

nbclearn_200NBC Learn, the education arm of NBC News, is making the resources and rich history of the NBC News archive available to teachers and students on- line. www.nbclearn.com

powerfullearning_200Practice is a professional development company for 21st Century Educators. Join us for a year-long, job-embedded PD experience that leverages communities and networks as a means of preparing you to become a connected educator. We also have a wide variety of e-courses available for graduate credit. http://plpnetwork.com

schoology_200Schoology provides online learning, classroom management, and social networking in one easy-to-use, easy-to-implement platform. With a focus on student engagement and improved learning, Schoology reaches students through better communication, real collaboration, and increased access to curriculum and supplemental content. Schoology is about learning. Together.

schoolforce_200SchoolForce is a revolutionary, cloud-based student information and performance management solution. Its integrated, cross- functional analytics empower teachers and administrators to drive data-driven improvements in student outcomes. With comprehensive student record management, meals, attendance, behavior, homework, assessments, standards- based gradebook, and portal modules, SchoolForce delivers the actionable intelligence educators and parents desire.

wowzers_200Wowzers creates adaptive math games that replace assessments, manipulatives, and textbooks. Wowzers combines engaging Common Core learning objects with a powerful learning platform that adapts to the learning style of each student. Students engage in meaningful, personalized learning that is fun and effective, standards based, and built around powerful, data-driven analytics.

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