Corporate Professional Development

SETDA invites all our sponsors to join us for corporate professional development sessions that run concurrently to the R & D focus group sessions. These sessions will provide useful information and crucial updates about topics of interest as well as offer our corporate executives a chance to network, learn and share with one another when they are not moderating their own R & D Session.

All participating company representatives are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Boot Camp and Refresher: Making the Most of Your SETDA Sponsorship

Facilitator: Jennifer Fritschi, Director of Strategic Partnerships

There are many opportunities for sponsors to maximize their engagement with SETDA. This session is for new sponsors and serves as a refresher for even the most veteran sponsors to learn about what you are missing and to introduce you to the upcoming refinements to the sponsorship program. SETDA’s goal is to maximize the value of our sponsorships to best meet the needs of state members and annual sponsors.

The Broadband Imperative: Recommendations to Address K-12 Education Infrastructure Needs

Facilitator: Christine Fox, Director of Education Leadership and Research

This session will offer participants the opportunity to discuss SETDA’s recently released Broadband Imperative report. The report provides an up-to-date assessment of access to broadband by students and teachers (in and out of schools); current trends driving the need for more broadband in teaching, learning and school operations; and specific recommendations for the broadband capacity needed to ensure all students have access to the tools and resources they need to be college and career ready by 2014-15 and beyond.


How Fast is This Shift From Print to Digital Content?

Facilitator: Geoff Fletcher, Deputy Director

Next is Now, a blog for a textbook distribution company, projects that schools will have slightly less than a 20% adoption of digital content by 2014 and 50 percent by 2018 and that OER will make up just 10 percent of digital content in education. Yet, SETDA counts 23 states that have made policy changes or initiatives that would accelerate the shift from print to digital and OER over the last few years. Come hear about these states, about SETDA’s soon to be published paper on digital and open content, and offer your input and comments about the speed of this shift.


Race to the Top Assessment and YOU: Making Sense of SBAC/PARCC Technology

Facilitator: Doug Levin, Executive Director

SETDA is advising both of the two general assessment consortia, Smarter Balanced and PARCC, tasked with measuring the Common Core standards in 2014-15 on issues of technology readiness. While 33 states are already doing some amount of high-stakes online testing, for most states the implementation of PARCC and SBAC assessments will represent the first large- scale implementation of computer-based testing in their schools. Come hear the latest on the consortia’s technology readiness tool, guidance on instructional technology purchases, and about how you can leverage resources available on SETDA’s online community,


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