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ATT LogoLEADING THE FUTURE FOR STUDENTS, FOR EDUCATORS, AND IN TECHNOLOGY. We are investing in education and job training to create a skilled and diverse workforce that powers our company – and our country – for the future. Since 2012, our employees have spent 2.0 million hours mentoring more than 260,000 students. With a financial commitment of $400 million, our AT&T Aspire initiative drives student success in school and beyond. By bringing together solutions that help connect, protect, and inspire – committed AT&T professionals are serving schools and universities across the country.

Company Contact: Nancy Lehner, Lead Channel Manager – Education | [email protected] | @AT&T

Bookshare is an online library that lets members read in ways that work for them. They can access over 500,000 titles, including textbooks and books for both classroom and pleasure reading, and listen to them read aloud, follow along with audio and highlighted text, or read in braille or large type. They can read on a wide variety of computers, tablets, smartphones, and assistive technologies. To join, members must have a disability, such as dyslexia or a visual impairment, which inhibits reading standard print. Membership is free for qualified U.S. students. Bookshare is an initiative of Benetech, a technology nonprofit.

Company Contact: Christine Jones | Senior Education Program Manager | [email protected] | @Bookshare and @BeneTech

Canvas Logo NEWThe Canvas Learning Management Platform is developed and fully supported by Instructure, a SaaS technology company dedicated to education, learning, and employee development. The Canvas LMS is part of an integrated technology platform that also includes Canvas Studio, Canvas Catalog, and Canvas Practice. These solutions can be used together or independently, depending on the needs of the institution, and have connected millions of instructors and learners at more than 4,000 education institutions throughout the world. Learn more about Canvas at www.Instructure.com/Canvas. Products: LMS, Studio, Practice, Catalog

Company Contact: Tracy Weeks | Director of Business Development/SIS | [email protected] | @CanvasLMS

Creative Commons logo

Creative Commons USA is a chapter of the Creative Commons Global Network. We provide legal expertise around the Creative Commons licenses, support to organizations and institutions that use (or could use) open licensing, and advice for decision-makers on copyright and CC licenses. We also support the implementation of policies supporting the creation and use of open education resources (OER) and the #GoOpen network. The project is a part of the American University Washington College of Law.

Company Contact: Meredith Jacob | Project Director | [email protected] | @cc_unitedstates

EdGate LogoEdGate Correlation Services is the publisher’s choice for managing curriculum alignment to standards. Using our patented, time-saving and cost-effective methodology, EdGate provides services and tools to correlate/map content to global educational performance standards and learning outcomes. With over five million standards in the EdGate database, we offer the world’s largest library of U.S. and international standards in order to help publishers open up new markets and sales/marketing opportunities. Additionally, EdGate offers a standards-aligned Open Educational Resources (OER) repository; third party courseware alignment evaluation services; alignment crosswalking; taxonomical services; content enrichment such as metadata enhancement; keyword creation and film segmenting.

Company Contact: Gina Faulk | General Manager | [email protected] | @EdGate

Introducing an entirely new medium for connecting, learning, and sharing, EdSpace transforms the way we engage with podcasts, books, blogs, and each other. Using short video posts that delete in 72 hours, EdSpace makes it easy to: join conversations with your favorite authors and podcasters, binge-watch teachers sharing stories from the classroom on EdSpace TV, host a Book Jam, virtually interact with peers attending conferences from the comfort of your sofa, and more! Whether you’re looking for a new approach to PD, creating virtual PLCs, or battling first-year teacher retention, EdSpace has you covered!

Company Contact: Michael Crawford | Co-Founder | [email protected] | @EdSpaceLive

EducationSuperHighway logo EducationSuperHighway was founded in 2012 with the mission of upgrading the Internet access in every public school classroom in America. The organization took on this mission because it believes that digital learning has the potential to provide all students with equal access to educational opportunity and that every school requires high-speed broadband to make that opportunity a reality. EducationSuperHighway is funded by national philanthropic organizations including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Salesforce Foundation and our mission is supported by governors in all 50 states and America’s leading CEOs. Having completed its mission, EducationSuperHighway will sunset August 2020.

Company Contact: Meredith Bradshaw | Vice President, Marketing & Communications | [email protected]  | @EdSuperHighway

edweb logoedWeb.net is a free professional learning and social network that makes it easy for educators to collaborate, share innovative ideas, and improve teaching and learning. We provide the online professional learning and support educators need to advance their practice, build better schools, and prepare students for life-long learning and success.


Company Contact: Lisa Schmucki | CEO| [email protected] | @edwebnet

 Esri is a GIS company. We build software for making maps and analyzing data, on computers and in the cloud. Esri GIS tools are used in all walks of life, around the world, from agriculture to law enforcement to climate change and everywhere between. Using computers to analyze data and create dynamic maps helps people understand complex conditions, make better decisions, use resources carefully, preserve the most critical, and support more sustainable patterns. Geography matters, and we make software for computers large and small to help people understand it.  For More Information: http://www.esri.com/connected.

Company Contact: Charlie Fitzpatrick | K12 Education Manager|[email protected] | @esri

 FightSong! is your next generation anti- bullying and conflict management app geared towards helping schools prevent violence and future incidents by encouraging students to speak out and change the culture on reporting incidents at the palm of their hand! Fightsong! is also a social emotional learning tool for students to learn how to communicate and connect with trusted counselors, teachers, and administrators of their choosing confidentially, while giving the staff an easy way to track the social climate within the schools with charts and analytics, as well as track each students report history!


Company Contact: Staci Smith | Co-creator & Head Executive | [email protected]@fightsongapp

GrackleDocs’ Grackle Suite enables education and non-governmental institutions to mitigate the risk of OCR (Office of Civil Rights) complaints that might result in negative publicity, government scrutiny, costly litigation or large fines. How? By meeting legal requirements for Sections 504 & 508, ADA & Title II compliance in the US and similar legislation elsewhere, not only for websites, but for other types of G Suite output created by faculty, admin, staff and students. Grackle Suite: the only Google Add-Ons that check and remediate output from Google G Suite™ to make it accessible: Grackle Docs™, Grackle Sheets™ & Grackle Slides™.

Company Contact: Graham Barker | Senior Account Executive| [email protected] | @grackledocs

LEGO Ed logoFor more than 35 years, LEGO® Education has been working with educators to deliver hands-on learning experiences that make learning fun and engaging. All LEGO Education solutions are based on the LEGO system for playful learning and paired with educator-created or reviewed curriculum and digital resources. Designed with feedback from educators, LEGO Education solutions enable students to succeed by encouraging them to become active and collaborative learners, build skills for future challenges, and establish a positive mindset toward learning.

Company Contact: Jenny Nash| Education Program Manager| [email protected] | @LEGO_Education

 Lucid for Education is innovating new technologies to spark educational creativity. We are working with teachers and educators around the world to create a tectonic shift in the education landscape that prioritizes twenty-first century learning and creativity. We strongly believe that equipping students with collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication competencies are a key part of the society of tomorrow. To that end we are designing our platform with those working hard to educate these students in the forefront of our mind.

Company Contact: Kelsey Wilding| Marketing Manager| [email protected] | @Lucid4edu

mango languages logoDesigned for seamless curriculum integration, Mango Languages is the award-winning language-learning resource for academic institutions around the world. On a mission to inspire students to forge meaningful connections with the world they will inherit, Mango is the only language software that approaches learning using proven methodologies and smart technology that adapts to individual learning habits, fostering retention and rapidly building conversation skills. To learn more about how Mango prepares learners of all ages to start the conversation in another language, visit mangolanguages.com, or follow @mangolanguages on Twitter

Company Contact: Billy Piche | Events Manager| [email protected] | @mangolanguages

Enterprise software is not a new idea in the world of business or sports, but in K-12 education, it has been difficult to break down the silos of ownership. MIDAS Education is the first Education Enterprise Management—or EEM—solution. MIDAS was built from the ground up on a single data model and provides ALL of the instructional functionality, data analytics, reporting, security, compliance, and ROI analysis normally found in 17 separate siloed systems. These systems include SIS, LMS, Web Hosting, RtI, Special Education, Health, Scheduling, Reporting, Compliance, and more.

To ensure security and scalability, MIDAS is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Consolidating data and reporting into one easily configurable system saves districts and state departments of education up to 70% of their annual software costs. LEAs and SEAs can start small with one or two modules and increase functionality as they grow their capacity and efficacy.

Company Contact: Megan Harney | CEO | [email protected] | @MIDAS_Education

Otus Logo Otus is a web-based teaching and learning platform designed to consolidate the many tools teachers, families, students, and school leaders use each day into a single platform. Think of Otus as a collection of classroom management tools (secure texting/emails with families, tracking behavior and participation, etc.), an assessment management system, a learning management system, and a data warehouse- all pre-integrated. With so many disconnected edtech tools being used in K-12 classrooms, Otus has delivered the first comprehensive teaching and learning platform built from scratch. Otus is designed to support instructional initiatives such as standards-based grading, differentiated instruction, data-driven decision making, and more!

Company Contact: Eric Patnoudes | Director of Strategic Initiatives | [email protected] | @otusK12

Pearson LogoAt Pearson, learning outcomes are at the heart of everything we do. A trusted partner to educators, states, and districts for over 60 years, we believe that learning betters lives, and are dedicated to the success of every learner, at every stage. We develop new and personalized ways of learning through effective, scalable assessments that measure 21st century skills and inform instruction throughout the school year. Our investments in industry-leading solutions and technology reflect our commitment to fewer, better tests that are accessible to everyone.

Company Contact: Gary Mainor | Sr. Vice President, Business Development | [email protected] | @PearsonNorthAm


ROSEN Classroom logo Rosen Classroom provides schools of all levels with resources that support academic and independent reading through digital and print programs. Our high-interest, leveled standards-based content supports foundational literacy, writing, word study, and personalized learning through various platforms and programs including Rosen-LightSail and Rosen LevelUp, innovative adaptive reading programs.

Company Contact: Jeffrey Rothenberger | Educational Sales Consultant| [email protected] | @RosenClassroom

 Riverside Technologies, Inc. (RTI) is an IT service provider specializing in managed services, IT hardware, warehouse services, and technology deployment. A rare combination of customization, integration, and deployment services sets RTI apart. Hardware needs are met by our partnerships with the most respected names in IT. You benefit, both financially and operatively, from the long-term strategic relationships we’ve built. You can count on our access to professional networks, including thousands of certified technicians from coast-to-coast. Nationwide, we service corporate clients, educational institutions, and state and local governments. RTI is your complete IT source.

Company Contact: Katie Potter | EMarketing Director| [email protected] | @riversidetech

SymbalooEDUSymbalooEDU is a resource management tool that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web into individualized instruction. With SymbalooEDU educators can save their teaching resources in the cloud and access them from any device.

Company Contact: Klaas Lameijer | CEO | [email protected] | @symbalooEDU

Texthelp logoHello, we’re Texthelp… We believe that literacy is every student’s passport to academic, social and professional success. It’s our genuine desire to help students understand, learn and express themselves. Our suite of smart, user-friendly, literacy, language, and STEM tools for personalized learning allow your students to pick and choose the functionality that supports their unique needs and preferences, enabling them to fully engage with the subject matter and excel in the classroom. Texthelp software continues to be used daily by millions of students and educators throughout schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

Company Contact: Paul Brown, VP Sales, West | [email protected] | @texthelp

 Velocity Fiber builds Networks for the Next Generation. We offer managed leased lit and leased dark fiber wide area networks (WANs) to K-12 school districts across most lower 48 states, and all of our networks are E-rate Category 1 eligible. Unlike traditional fiber network providers, we deliver multiple strands of dedicated fiber between your district’s designated hub and edge sites for maximum performance, uptime and control by your IT team. Best of all, Velocity Fiber WANs are designed to scale incredibly cost-effectively as bandwidth demands increase, because school districts should grow minds – not network costs. Fast Networks. Forward Thinking.

Company Contact: Greg Elliott | Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions & Satisfaction | [email protected] | @velocityfiber

Since 2012, Verizon has committed a total of $400 million to help under-resourced communities bridge the digital divide, impacting nearly 1.7 million students through its education initiative: Verizon Innovative Learning. The initiative has launched a number of programs that provide free technology, free internet access, and hands-on learning experiences to help give under-resourced students across the United States the education they deserve. These programs are powered by a next-gen, technology-infused curriculum that fundamentally changes the way teachers teach and students learn.

Company Contact: John Long | Government Relations Consultant | [email protected] | @dpvils, @verizon

 VitalInsight™ is the first cloud based, data-driven technology that mines data related to the existence and strength of best practices among programs, protocols, inter-relationships, and metrics. VitalInsight™ diagnoses the underlying causes of performance, and prescribes targeted best practice remedies demonstrated to drive improved outcomes. The process engages as many as ten stakeholder groups at the school and district levels, and collects, analyzes, and reports the data in two weeks. The data are leading indicators of success, and the process unifies and raises the expectations among stakeholders for improvement.

Company Contact: Bruce Hayes | Vice President and Chief Client Office | [email protected]

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