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Visit our Annual Platinum & Gold Partners and Event Sponsors at the Product Showcase Reception on November 2, 2013 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

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Frank Gallagher
Executive Director
Company Website:

Cable in the Classroom (CIC) is the national education foundation of the cable industry. Working in partnership with, and on behalf of, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and our cable industry partners, CIC advocates digital citizenship and the visionary, sensible and effective use of media in homes, schools, and communities.


Sam Frommer

Ben Lowinger

Company Website:

Copia is a digital platform designed to help teachers align their instruction to the Common Core Standards. Placing the text at the center of instruction, Copia enables teachers to unlock the power of technology, infuse digital media into their classroom, and provide a centralized location for a digital content


Michael Weiler

Robert Smith
School Partnership Director

Company Website:

Edupath provides access to effective test prep and college tools through personalized apps. We facilitate parent & educator engagement through online analytics. Flexible enough for individual students or districts serving thousands, our apps are easier to administer than any other test-prep program.


Yoel Givol

Bradley Heilman

Company Website:

Exploros is designed from the ground up to streamline the way instruction works in the face-to-face, blended or virtual 1:1 tablet classroom—around the teacher-student relationship, collaboration, peer learning, and data. Your content, upgraded to learning experiences for the 1:1 classroom.


John D. Harrington
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Kaplan
Client Solutions, Executive

Orin Heend
Legal Counsel

Company Website:

Funds For Learning® is a professional firm specializing in the federal E-rate funding program. Founded in 1997, our mission is to provide high-quality E-rate consulting and support services and to serve as an advocate for E-rate program participants.

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Patrick Devanney
Regional Director

Katherine DuBose
Regional Director


Karin Holtz
Director of Business Development and Sales

Noel Johnson
Marketing Director

Company Website:

infosnap, inc. is the leading provider of cloud-based registration management systems, including online application, admissions, school choice/lottery, student enrollment and registration, and staff registration, designed specifically for Pre K-12 schools.


Steve Andrews
US Intel Teach Manager
Intel Innovation in Education (division)
Company Website:

In our increasingly global economy, Intel recognizes that curiosity, critical thinking and a strong foundation in math and science are necessary for tomorrow’s workforce. That’s why Intel gets directly involved in education programs, policy advocacy and technology access efforts that enable today’s youth to develop skills they need to be the innovators of tomorrow. For example, the Intel Teach program, found at, has helped K-12 educators around the world integrate technology into their classrooms. Additionally, Intel hosts the K-12 Computing Blueprint at, an online resource offering planning tools for education leaders to effectively implement technology initiatives.

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Rich Dixon
Director of Strategic Relationships

Jennifer Gibson
Director of Educational Resources

Company Website:

Lesson Planet ( is the leading online curriculum search solution for PreK-12 educators. Founded by educators in 1999, the company is committed to helping teachers be great teachers. Our award-winning search engine enables teachers to easily search more than 400,000 teacher-reviewed.


Vinay Bhargava
CEO & Co-founder

Erica Estrada-Liou
Product Manager

Company Website:

Mytonomy is a video based, near-peer advising system for college and career counseling. Built to harness the power of storytelling, high school alumni, educators, and industry leaders can contribute localized wisdom to help current students. Launching to all high schools in a top state! Web+mobile.

Optimum Solutions_Tag_

Mike Richez
Executive Vice President

Rachel Koenke
Director of Operations

Company Website:

Optimum Solutions’ electronic scoring system enables districts to score & input data from standardized exams directly into computers, streamlining State reporting & making scores immediately available to administrators. The OSC suite of applications are customizable to manage all aspects of scoring.

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