Event Partners

Thank you to our Event Partners!  Join the partners below at the ETL Forum where they will participate in activities to showcase their products and make meaningful connections with SETDA’s unique membership of state leaders from across the country.  Participating in the ETL Forum as a partner affords these companies the valuable opportunity to stand alongside state leaders and discuss EdTech issues and solutions.

SETDA provides opportunities for companies to network with state members and showcase their products/services at our in-person events. A variety of activities afford companies an audience with state members; examples include speed meeting sessions, round robin product demonstrations or speaking opportunities. Learn more about our Private Sector Partnership programs.  These partnership programs are excellent ways for companies to have in-depth interactions with state members throughout the year.

For more information: To learn more about how your company can become engaged with SETDA’s membership, please contact Melissa Green, Director of Strategic Partnerships, [email protected] or 202-715-6636 x703.

Learn more about the Event Partnership opportunities by clicking below:


Annual Partnerships

Engage with State Leaders Year Round

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