SETDA respects your privacy

To protect online privacy and the privacy of its members, SETDA has implemented the following policy.

SETDA Website

You can visit the SETDA Website without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. However, SETDA can and may collect the following information regarding visitors to our Web site: domain name, name, information regarding what pages are accessed, information volunteered by you, such as survey information, e-mail address and your preferred means of communication. In order to continuously improve our products and services, we may ask you to provide us with information regarding your professional interests, demographics, experience with our resources and any contact preferences.

Disclosure to Third Parties 

SETDA makes member contact information available through the SETDA State Snapshots to visitors to its Internet site. On occasion, SETDA may also provide limited data to third parties that are sponsors of SETDA events. These limited data include names, job titles, companies and business addresses, but do not include business phone numbers, business fax numbers or e-mail addresses. In addition, SETDA only provides information to third parties that have adopted privacy policies that meet the criteria established by SETDA.

Internal Policy for Entering Into Partnership Opportunities 

All partnership proposals should be directed to the attention of the Executive Director. The Executive Director shall have discretion to explore partnership opportunities as presented. Before a partnership proposal is finalized, it must be presented to the Innovations & Partnerships Committee. The Committee must respond with a recommendation to proceed or not proceed within a set time period. The Committee’s recommendation will then go before the SETDA Board of Directors for final approval.

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