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Lea(R)n equips educators and their institutions to focus on learning. The nationally recognized team of educators, researchers and technologists created LearnPlatform™, a complete edtech management system, to save educators time, save their institutions millions of dollars, and improve student achievement.

With more than 10,000 educators and their organizations using the suite of educator-designed automation tools, Lea(R)n has garnered national awards, published peer reviewed research and improves the impact of edtech in schools, districts, universities, and states.
Lea(R)n distinctions include: Edtech Digest District Data Solution of the year, SETDA Emerging Partner, International Educational Data Mining Society conference and Joint Statistical Meetings presenter, NC EdTech Company of the year, and a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awardee.


Expanded from the groundbreaking LearnTrials technology, the LearnPlatform™ edtech management system allows educators and their institutions to save time, save money and focus on learning that improves outcomes. States, districts and institutions harness educators’ expertise along with analysis from similar organizations across the country, for a unified, streamlined process that improves purchasing power, eliminates the frustration of edtech implementation from classroom to boardroom, and delivers the data to improve outcomes. With the LearnPlatform, edtech is safer, easier, significantly cheaper, and more effective. The platform benefits educators and their organizations, including:

  • The largest edtech product library in the U.S., configured to any organization;
  • Contextualized insights and reliable research from verified educators and peer organizations;
  • Rapid, research-validated pilots and evaluations in minutes, not months;
  • Unbiased, real-time quantitative and qualitative analytics to improve implementation, budgets, and achievement;
  • Procurement and automated contract management to get the best prices, avoid over expenditures, and increase return on investment;
  • Actionable real-time dashboards, reports, and management tools to use from the classroom to the boardroom.

The LearnPlatform addresses the real challenges of personalizing learning at scale.

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