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Google for Education

Education is at the core of Google’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google for Education provides open technologies to improve learning for everyone, anywhere. Work, share, and learn together with affordable devices and familiar platforms – for schools, universities, or entire countries. Solutions include Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks, Tablets with Google Play for Education, and a wide range of content including apps, books, and videos for learning. Learn more at

Using Chromebooks for Online Student Assessments

Chromebooks are fast, secure, and portable computers that make it easy for students to learn in and out of the classroom. The same Chromebooks students use in class in the morning to write essays can be used for testing in the afternoon — configuration takes just minutes.

Schools can use Chromebooks to administer secure student assessments, including standardized tests from consortia Smarter Balanced and PARCC as well as a number of individual state-based tests. With the web-based Admin Console, you can quickly set up any number of Chromebooks as secure devices for online testing and disable features like internet browsing, screenshot functions, and USB ports.

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