SETDA Offers Webinars to the Public

SETDA’s work is not only of interest to our members and private sector partners, it also is draws considerable attention from educators, policy makers, and the public at large. As we work together to create information, products and services aligned to our strategic plan, we continually search for ways to keep the public informed of our work. One outlet that both informs the public and provides opportunity for interaction and feedback is a series of webinars. Past topics have included highlighting current state policies in our State Education Policy Center (SEPC) related to the shift from print to digital in instructional materials and the need for high quality broadband to deliver digital content and assessment. Another set of webinars provided information and resources as a part of Connected Educator month in 2012 and 2013.

Instructional Materials: Making the transition from print to digital

Join SETDA to learn how states and districts are moving from print to digital instructional materials and participate in a demonstration of the State Education Policy Center to learn how to access details about state policies related to broadband, assessment and instructional materials.There will be a facilitated discussion during which state and district leaders will share examples of their use of digital content in schools and classrooms.


  • Sarah Young, Science Specialist, Utah State Office of Education
  • Dan Funston, Assistant Superintendent, Plymouth Community School Corporation, Indiana


Broadband: How much is enough?

On Friday, February 8 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET, a panel of experts shared their knowledge about the power of broadband access in their schools and participated in a demonstration of how to access details about state policies related to broadband, assessment and instructional materials via the State Education Policy Center (SEPC). Christine Fox, SETDA’s Director of Educational Leadership and Research facilitated a discussion during which presenters explained each state’s network organization and broadband access as well as an example of a district maximizing broadband access available to best meet the needs of technology rich learning environments.


  • Mike Leadingham, Director, Office of Knowledge, Information & Data Services, Kentucky Department of Education
  • Tim Sizemore, Program Manager, Kentucky Education Network, Kentucky Department of Education
  • Teri Sanders, Senior Director, Education Technology, K-12 High Speed Network, California
  • Jose Ortega, Administrator, Education Technology Office, California Department of Education

State Online Communities Bloom with Robust Resources

State leadership can help provide robust resources for teaching and learning and unique professional learning opportunities for educators. Representatives from two states who have led the gathering and dissemination of these teaching materials, Texas and Oregon, will showcase their efforts and how they go to where they are. Karen Kahan, Director of Educational Technology at the Texas Education Agency will share highlights of the Texas Project Share program ( Project Share, developed and hosted by the Texas Education Agency, is a collection of Web 2.0 tools and applications that provides high quality professional development in an interactive and engaging learning environment. Carla Wade, Digital Learning and STEM Education Specialist for the Oregon Department of Education will provide an overview of the Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre ( The OR Cadre is an online community where educators share lesson plans and professional development ideas and seek advice from their colleagues.

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Ready for Online Assessments? Help is Here

While more than two-thirds of states already conduct some kind of statewide online assessments, the new assessments of the Common Core State Standards from PARCC and Smarter Balanced are increasing both interest and anxiety in school districts. To help relieve the anxiety, SETDA has created a series of case studies Implementing Online Assessments: Pathways to Success (, with a narrative and resources. Each narrative provides an in-depth look at what it took a district to implement the assessments as well as key factors in each state’s approach to infrastructure and training and communication. There also are downloadable resources that range from training agendas to checklists for technology readiness to sample letters from the state to school districts. Mike Nelson, Director of Curriculum and assessment of Coeur d”Alene School District 271, ID, Patches Hill, Technology Systems Manager of Indian River School District, DE and Scott Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Mooresville Graded School District, NC will explain what they did to get ready for their online assessments and answer your questions.

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