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Concurrent Breakout Presentations: State Snapshot

During these sessions, state leaders will provide a 5 minute overview of a state initiatives and/or policies related to the topic, followed by an opportunity for discussion and question and answers.

Monday, October 17, 2016 – 11:45 am-12:30 pm

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Promoting Deeper Learning to Support Mastery

Moderator: Candice Dodson, Director of eLearning, Indiana Department of Education


  • Michigan: Michelle Ribant, Director of 21st Century Learning
  • North Carolina: Deborah Goodman, Digital Teaching & Learning Lead Consultant and Donna Murray, Digital Teaching & Learning Digital Content
  • Oregon: Carla Wade, Digital Innovations Lead
  • Vermont: Sigrid Olsen, Program Coordinator, Personalization & Flexible Pathways

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Equitable Access for All Learners

Facilitator: Dr. Tracy Weeks, Executive Director, SETDA


  • Wisconsin: Janice Mertes, Assistant Director Instructional Technology and Media/Digital Learning
  • Utah: Sarah Young, Coordinator for Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Vermont: Stan Freeda, State Education Technology Director, NHDOE; Bob McLaughlin, Co-Chair, National Collaborative for Digital Equity

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Innovative Practices for Educator Effectiveness

Facilitator: Dr. Mary Ann Wolf, Director of Digital Learning Programs, Friday Institute, North Carolina State University


  • Alaska, Cecila Miller, Title IIA Coordinator
  • Rhode Island, Holly Walsh, Instructional Technology and E-Learning, Office of Multiple Pathways
  • Virginia, Jean Weller, Instructional Technology Specialist, Virginia Department of Education

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Managing the Shift: Digital Instructional Materials for Learning

Facilitator: Melissa Greene, Director Strategic Partnerships, SETDA


  • Indiana: Molly Yowell, Digital Content Coordinator, Office of eLearning
  • Washington: Barbara Soots, OER Program Manager, Office of Superintedent of Public Instruction
  • Wyoming: Alicia Kerns, Personalized Learning Consultant

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